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Solo travel is a formative experience, and it’s difficult to express how life changing and empowering it can be. Travelling solo doesn’t mean you’ll be alone, but it will require you to push yourself beyond your internal social barriers to connect with people from around the world. Travelling on your own also means you have to get comfortable with yourself (which can be harder than you’d think), but opens up the opportunity for self-discovery. 

According to Culture Trip, Victoria is one of the top 10 cities in Canada to travel to solo. It’s easily accessible from Vancouver and Seattle by seaplane, aeroplane, ferry or helicopter. It’s also known as a relatively safe destination for travellers. As the capital of B.C., Victoria has some pretty awesome historic infrastructure and you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how warm and friendly the locals are! Victoria is also one of Canada’s most walkable and bike-friendly cities, which means it’s easy to explore with your own two feet and heartbeat.

Solo Travel Victoria BC

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If you’re travelling solo, a great way to meet fellow travellers is by booking a tour. It’s a fantastic way to explore the city, learn from a local guide and connect with other travellers who have common interests. 
If you want to get out into the wild, book a Whale & Wildlife Tour with Eagle Wing Whale & Wildlife Watching Tours to get acquainted with Victoria’s real locals. You’ll be on a boat for anywhere from 3-4 hours, so take the opportunity to strike up a conversation with your fellow whale watchers and swap information to share pictures later.

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Looking for an upbeat way to #ExploreVictoria? A walking tour will give you an in-depth view of the city’s local scene, as well as great views along the way. If you’re a foodie, try A Taste of Victoria Food Tours and bond over gourmet olive oils or a mutual love of matcha. If you’re a culture vulture, check out Discovery Walks History Tours or explore Canada’s oldest Chinatown. Want a mix? Perhaps the Chocolate & Churches Walking Tour with Off The Eaten Track has your name on it.

Join a bike tour to cover a lot of ground in Victoria in a morning or afternoon. The Pedaler Victoria offers a range of tours from between 2-5 hours, each with a unique theme so you’re able to choose one that suits your interests! 

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JOIN A TOUR PART II: The Great Outdoors Unites people

Fresh air and a shared respect for nature are sure ways to connect with like-minded people. Although Victoria is a city with a vibrant urban centre, we have everything from coastal rainforests and rugged shorelines to well-maintained, sensible trails at our fingertips. 
Are you a hiking enthusiast? Join a guided hike led by to explore the off-the-beaten-track areas of Victoria in a small group setting. They include transport to and from your accommodations, so nature is easily accessible even if you’re staying in the city centre. 

Tip: No need to bring a selfie stick! Mark, your guide, is also a professional photographer and will take photos along the way, so you can opt to purchase a souvenir image or album of your adventure.  

hike victoria

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Another option is a guided kayak tour. Discover another side of Victoria with Ocean River Sports & Adventures. You’ll explore small islands and connect with the coastal energy of the island. It’s truly an experience for the soul.

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As strange as it might seem to share a room with one or more strangers at first, we guarantee hostels are a pretty great way to meet people and have some fun. Ocean Island Inn even has a family-style dinner so you can meet the rest of the hostel guests. Get tips on where to go and what to see in Victoria, or even make plans as a group if you’d like to buddy up for your next adventure. 

If a hostel environment’s not your style, go budget-friendly at one of Victoria’s many unique hotels. We recommend Hotel Zed, a colourful, retro-themed hotel with a waterslide and a great restaurant, The Ruby, on site. Best of all: You can choose to borrow a bike to get downtown (about a 15 minute ride) or take a chauffeured ride in Bubba, their classic ’65 VW bus. 

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Going out to eat by yourself doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing ordeal. Instead of grabbing a table for one, head for the bar or ask to be seated at a community table. Food and drinks unite people, especially when they’re flowing, so don’t be afraid to get in there! 
We recommend The Drake Eatery, a cool, sprawling local pub where you can order a pint and some snacks while mingling with others nearby. The Drake has a European-style system for ordering drinks (order at the bar, no waiters) so you can take turns getting rounds with your newfound friends. 

For dinner, visit the historic Garrick’s Head Pub in Bastion Square. A locals’ favourite watering hole, the Garrick’s Head has 50 craft brews on tap and a great menu of elevated pub classics. Opt to sit up front by the big windows where you can watch the world go by, or tuck into the back area, a cozy nook that was actually the original pub before expansion and renovations a few years ago. 

Tip: Use the restroom… if you dare! Bastion Square was used for public hangings in the 1800’s, and the condemned were treated to one final meal at the Garrick’s Head Pub. Although it’s been a long time since the last reported paranormal activity, the basement washrooms are said to be haunted by the spirits of those hanged in the square. 

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The coastal magic of Vancouver Island is best experienced in solo serenity. If you feel like splurging for a night or more, take in the energy of the coast in a seaside room at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Allow yourself to be fully engulfed in the wonders of the island at the Boathouse Spa’s incredible ocean-side mineral baths. 

If you love embracing the local culinary scene, enjoy a locally sourced meal and wine pairing at 10 Acres Bistro. If a morning coffee and a treat are calling you, perch in a cute coffee shop with a great read. Grab a blanket and watch the sunset at the beach, then maybe go strike up a conversation with the locals having a beach BBQ or campfire! 

Nobody wants to be rushed through an amazing bookshop, especially if said shop has three stories of books stacked floor-to-ceiling. Make the most of your solo experience and take as long as you like at Russell Books, who specialise in rare, used, and out-of-print books. Our recommendation: Start at the top and work your way down to the lower level, where you’ll find some very cool vintage books and first-edition classics.  

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If you live for community, Victoria is the kind of city where you will likely be greeted with familiarity and warmth (and maybe even by name) on your second or third visit to a coffee shop. So, if you plan to be here for a few days, consider establishing a few daily steps in your routine. There’s nothing like a familiar face and a few friendly words to start your day off on the right note. Who knows, your local barista might even volunteer some insider tips on what’s happening around the city.

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There, we said it. But hear us out; exercise is not only good for your health (and immune system) while travelling. But if you attend a gym, rec centre or yoga studio, chances are you’ll meet some pretty cool people. You might even meet some people who would be willing to share some of their local knowledge with you…or better yet, show you! A lot of local fitness facilities even offer great deals on trials and rentals for equipment you didn’t travel with.

On a day when you don’t care to venture outside, a climbing gym is a fun activity – and rumour has it that climbers are some of the friendliest people around! Crag X Climbing Gym is right downtown, and open late on weekdays. It’s a perfect alternative to a night out on the town if that’s just not your thing.  

Crag X Climbing


You don’t always get to be the boss in your day-to-day life, but when you’re travelling solo, one of the greatest upsides is that you make the plan. You can be unapologetically selfish about it, because you’re flying {hot and} solo. You don’t have to compromise on sites to see, or places to linger. You don’t have to feel bad for jumping out of bed early or sleeping in if you had a few glasses of wine the night before. So, indulge in a spa treatment if it’s what your heart desires, or explore local shops that you would never drag your significant other into. The experience is truly your own, so take advantage of it!

Hike Victoria BC

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We hope we’ve inspired you to get out here and get wild. So ditch those friends who aren’t ready to commit to travel, throw caution to the wind, and book your first solo trip… because travel is the only thing that makes you richer.

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