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Pause A While

Press pause on everyday life and discover extraordinary Victoria

Escape hurried life and pause awhile in Greater Victoria. A place where time falls away and unique experiences leave you relaxed and recharged.

Greater Victoria looks and feels like no other place.

The minute you arrive, you’ll understand why Greater Victoria is a place like no other. Set on the Pacific coast, our harbour city is home to historic landmarks and architecture, manicured gardens, friendly locals, eclectic neighbourhoods and natural wonders. Disconnect from the daily grind and relax into our way of life.

How to Experience Victoria's Iconic Cherry Blossom Season

Victoria boasts the mildest climate in Canada, so it’s little surprise that we’re usually the first city to start blooming. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit Victoria between February and May, you may have stood in awe under an archway of cherry blossoms on Moss Street or walked along a pink petal covered road on View Street. A mature cherry or plum tree can boast anywhere from 250,000 to 750,000 blossoms and different streets experience different bloom times, so we’ve put together your city guide on where to capture the best glimpse of these beautiful petals.

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The world can wait

Why Victoria, B.C. is the Ideal Relaxation Vacation

Chances are, any vacation you take will be relaxing to some extent — temporarily leaving work and the usual routine allows most travellers to escape the stresses of their everyday lives. Victoria's focus on wellness, nature and of course, relaxation, takes the city to next-level dream destination if you want to refresh and recharge.

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A Weekend Wellness Getaway in Victoria

From the moment you arrive, embrace the serenity that comes with island living as you soak up the intentional pace of life, abundant natural environment and calming vistas. Between relaxing oceanside in mineral pools, meandering among giants in west coast rainforests or paddling out for an epic sunset on the Salish Sea, discover why Victoria offers the ultimate wellness getaway.

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Treat Yourself to a Spring Adventure in Greater Victoria

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and recharge after a long winter. While the rest of the country is still under a blanket of snow or facing sub-zero temperatures, Victoria begins to bloom. From the healing power of the sea to curated luxury experiences, let the rest of the world wait while you take in a relaxing getaway to British Columbia’s capital city.

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7 Reasons to Visit Victoria, B.C.

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Get moving in Victoria, B.C.

Getting physical in Victoria is never an issue; it’s choosing which activity to get your body moving that’s the real challenge. From coastal trails that offer opportunities to view local wildlife, to world-class bike paths and seemingly endless shoreline to paddle along, here’s how to get your heart rate elevated a lot or a little in Victoria, B.C.

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Why others are pausing a while longer

We hiked coastal trails, saw whales and basked in the Island lifestyle. My memories of our family trip to Victoria stick out more than any others because it had a different pace and was ultimately a place we could all relax and explore together.


Victoria is still as beautiful as ever, but it also feels energized. We made some great memories during our short stay — walking through the colourful neighbourhood of floating homes, shops and restos that make up Fisherman’s Wharf was def one of them! Have you been to Victoria?


Like walking on another planet. Mesmerized by the beauty of the tidal pools at Botanical Beach.


Victoria is such a special place. Have you guys been? It’s warm, charming and full of character. From historical landmarks to parks and forests by the sea, there are so many different things in this city to explore.