Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises exhibit at The Royal BC Museum
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Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises

Royal BC Museum

May 17 - December 31, 2019


Discover a powerful culture that rose in the tropical rainforests of Central America thousands of years ago.  Explore Maya identity from ancient times to the present day and see how science and belief have shaped the Maya world. 

Uncover the mysteries of the Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises exhibit at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC


Celebrating UNESCO's Year of Indigenous Languages, the exhibition will highlight 30 maya languages spoken today. 

Experience the resilience and genius of Maya art and culture at this remarkable exhibition, presented in North America for the first time.  Works - some never before shown outside Guatemala - include elaborate incense burners, striking jade-and-gold jewellery and an astonishing three-metre-long sculpture of a man with jaguar attributes

Don't miss out - this exhibition is only on from May 17-December 31. Get your tickets today!