David Daley

Owner, Wapusk Adventures & Aurora Inn

As a member of the Manitoba Metis Federation, President of the Churchill Chamber of Commerce, Owner of Wapusk Adventures and Aurora Inn, and Chair of the Indigenous Tourism Advisory Committee for Manitoba, David is a champion for the indigenous and tourism communities in his home province.

Born and raised in Churchill, Manitoba, David has since become an integral part of the cultural, economic and indigenous tapestry of the province. As owner of Wapusk Adventures, he and his team help to teach tourists about dog sledding - a form of travel which his ancestors, the Metis, practiced well before the whirr of snowmobile engines took over the forest. David also sits as Chair for the Indigenous Tourism Advisory Committee for Manitoba and is a current board member with the Ingidenous Tourism Association of Canada. A third generation Manitoban, David has a deep passion for continuing to protect the land, hertiage and traditions of the North.  

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