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Jonny Bierman

Founder & Content Cultivator, Eco Escape Travel

Jonny is a freelance sustainable travel writer and content creator based in Vancouver, and the founder Eco Escape Travel. His company is a purpose-driven destination marketing and productions firm and a sustainable travel content hub. Both entities use community, culture, and conservation to guide decision making, business, and storytelling. 

Jonny Bierman a speaker at Impact 2020 in Victoria, BC

Jonny studied tourism management at Vancouver Island University before diving into media and marketing in the DMO side of the industry. His international studies, travel, and work led him to the creation of Eco Escape Travel. He now proudly works with clients in the form of DMO's, national travel associations, travel tech companies, and other businesses across travel and tourism.

Jonny married his passion of sustainable travel with his love for written and visual storytelling and now uncovers some of the most important sustainable travel stories of our time as a freelance writer and content creator. His goal is to use his storytelling to positively inspire consumer trip planning and decision making for purpose-driven spending and heightened conservation efforts. 

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