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Michael Sadowski

Marketing Director, Intrepid Travel

Michael Sadowski is the North American Marketing Director at Intrepid Group, a purpose-driven organization that is both the world’s largest adventure travel company and travel B Corp. Intrepid Group, known best for its hero brand Intrepid Travel, has a long history of responsible business, being carbon neutral since 2010 and known for being the first tour operator to ban elephant rides.


As Marketing Director, Michael has been involved in shaping the brand’s position and communications in North America as a leader in responsible travel and in using travel as a force for good. He is a contributor for Forbes, publishing articles on public relations and strategic communications, has written for publications such as Yahoo! and AFAR, and in 2018, co-authored a book chapter on sustainable tourism development in Cuba. He is an invited lecturer at Ryerson University, his alma mater, where he graduated with a major in Hospitality & Tourism Management, specializing in policy and sustainable tourism. He also holds a marketing certificate with distinction from The Wharton School. Michael has visited all seven continents in the past three years, with experiences ranging from living with indigenous reindeer herding communities in Siberia to cycling across Tanzania.


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