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Nicholas “Nick” Rose

Director, Environmental Programs, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCL)

Nick is responsible for RCL’s corporate environmental programs both shore side and shipboard. This includes shipboard environmental compliance for over 50 cruise ships across six brands operating world-wide itineraries. Additionally, he is responsible for setting and implementing the corporate regulatory strategy, and its corporate strategic sustainability plan and initiatives. Nick also serves as the Chairman of CLIA Global Environmental Sub-committee.

Nick Rose from Royal Caribbean, speaking at Victoria BC's Impact Conference

Nick joined Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd in 2005 after earning a B.S. in Environmental Science. He served as an Environmental Officer onboard the company’s Royal Caribbean International brand until 2008 when he accepted a Senior Environmental Auditor position. He then transitioned into Sr. Analyst, Environmental Compliance and was responsible for the company’s incident prevention, response and compliance efforts. Most recently, Nick held the position of Environmental Regulatory and Sustainability Manager where he successfully managed RCL’s regulatory outlook program, our external work with CLIA and IMO while also overseeing its sustainability programs and strategic plan.

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