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Sydney McCabe

Senior Marine Biologist / Lead Education Coordinator, Eagle Wing Tours 

My job with Eagle Wing is ever changing. With a B.Sc. in Marine Biology, my focus is on marine ecology and conservation. I am a marine naturalist in the summer, educating the public on the diversity and richness of the Salish Sea.

Sydney Mccabe, a guide at Eagle Wing Tours

In the fall and winter, I lead our education outreach program (in partnership with School District 61 and the Royal BC Museum), connecting and inspiring local youth on the importance of the Salish Sea.  As an extension of our Education Outreach program, I love to participate at community events, getting to know our neighbours and engaging them in all things related to healthy oceans. These outreach events include career fairs, presentations about environmental stewardship and conservation, World Oceans Day events, and much more! Eagle Wing has allowed me to explore many avenues of marine conservation and environmental stewardship. Through this, I have found my passion for education, especially with the younger generation. I have enjoyed the opportunity to develop our Education Outreach program which, in two years, will have connected 2300 local students with their big blue backyard. My goal is to ensure every student in Victoria has the opportunity to make this important connection, learn about the oceans, and participate in the protection and conservation of the Salish Sea.

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