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Canada’s Resale Capital

With 44 resale businesses throughout Greater Victoria, shopping and sustainability go hand-in-hand!

Secondhand savants, rejoice! According to research conducted by our team with data from Stats Canada, Greater Victoria holds the title of “Resale Capital of Canada” as a result of holding the largest number of registered resale businesses per capita in the country.

To residents, this isn’t a surprise. Sustainability is a key value amongst retailers and shoppers alike, with 44 resale businesses scattered throughout Greater Victoria. As environmental concerns of over-consumption continue to grow in awareness, Victoria is a leading example of how reuse can be a responsible and desirable choice for any shopper.

Aside from the eco-friendly nature of shopping secondhand, let’s not forget the pure thrill of finding a gem in the rough! Shopping consignment is a way to express your unique style with clothing items from different times and places. Often described as a somewhat meditative practice, browsing a consignment shop can also be a great way to relax and unwind.

To plan your next shopping spree, here’s a guide to exploring Victoria’s great antique, consignment, thrift and vintage shops.


Oak Bay: Greater Victoria’s Consignment Paradise

Looking for a shopping circuit to enjoy on an afternoon out? We’ve got a loop for you! Starting near Uplands Park, Twice as Nice Consignment offers an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary fashion finds, perfect for those looking to add unique pieces to their wardrobe. Following your stop at Twice as Nice, A La Mode Consignment on Oak Bay Ave is a treasure trove for designer labels at unbeatable prices, offering a curated selection that blends luxury with sustainability. And finally, just a short walk down the street, indulge in the refined elegance and timeless charm of House of Savoy, where high-end fashion meets Victoria’s unique, quirky spirit.

Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or new to the game, Oak Bay’s consignment shops promise a delightful exploration of style, sustainability and surprises.

Shopping Break: For a quick stop between stores, rest your legs at White Heather Tea Room for a warm drink and sweet & savoury bites.

Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative

A community staple in the resale market, Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative (WIN) is a non-profit organization with five shops throughout Greater Victoria. Each WIN shop offers a unique selection of gently preloved clothing and household items, specially curated to provide an enhanced shopping experience while supporting women and their families. To learn more about WIN, visit their website or explore their locations.

Dive Deep into the World of Used Books

Looking for a quiet spot to browse books? Downtown Victoria has two terrific spots where you can find new and used books: Russell Books and Bastion Books.

Russell Books—Canada’s largest independent bookstore—is a hidden gem on Fort Street, with an extensive selection of reads that span from floor to ceiling. It’s the perfect spot for anyone looking to uncover a rare find or the latest bestseller. Alternatively, Bastion Books—conveniently tucked away on Commercial Alley downtown—provides a cozy, intimate setting for discovering used books across various genres. It’s a place where reuse meets the sheer joy of reading, encouraging the community to give books a second life.

Shopping Break: Walking between shops, take in the rich views of Victoria’s Inner Harbour from the sidewalk of Wharf Street or stroll down to the shoreline. If you’re feeling like a snack, Dutch Bakery & Diner is a great stop for classic pastries.


Go Further into Victoria’s Resale Scene

Victoria’s resale scene is as diverse as the community that surrounds it, extending far beyond your regular secondhand shop. Catering to shoppers of all tastes, the city boasts specialty shops for even the most niche of markets—making Victoria’s resale experience truly unique.

Here are a few more resale businesses that add to the rich culture of the city’s resale experience.

  • Step into a world of nostalgia at Cherry Bomb Toys, a paradise for collectors and children at heart. Specializing in vintage and collectible toys, this shop offers a trip down memory lane.
  • For nature lovers, Grove Outdoors is your go-to spot for quality, secondhand outdoor gear and apparel. Whatever your plans entail to embrace the natural beauty of Greater Victoria, Grove Outdoors provides sustainable options without compromising on quality.
  • Immerse yourself in the elegance and quality of Irish Linen Stores, where the charm of vintage linens meets the beauty of sustainable shopping. Known for its high-quality linens, this shop offers a range of home décor that promises to add a touch of timeless charm to your home.


As you meander through the streets of Greater Victoria, we hope this guide gives you a better sense of our community spirit: fiercely committed to supporting local, proudly expressing personal flair, and embracing sustainability at every turn. You can shop proudly knowing that your support of these stores is a vote towards a more sustainable future for us all. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

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