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Destination Master Planning: Members

DGV is responsible for promoting Greater Victoria, and your business, as a travel destination by enhancing its reputation as a dynamic place to live and work; creating economic opportunities and a better quality of life for all residents. We are partnering with experts MMGY Next Factor to develop a 10-year Tourism Master Plan to inform and guide sustainable destination development that will serve the region for years to come.

We know the future of the visitor economy in Greater Victoria will depend on the collaboration between Indigenous communities, governments, private enterprise, and civic organizations in developing a shared vision for the future that supports growth while enhancing the community for residents. 

The goals of the Master Planning process are:

  1. To build on existing and develop new cross-region partnerships to support a comprehensive and inclusive master planning process.
  2. To increase understanding and awareness of the importance of the visitor economy to the region and the benefits to the community.
  3. To increase understanding and awareness of Tourism Master Planning and the benefits to the community.
  4. To maximize participation of our stakeholders in the processes. 

Between December, 2022, and February, 2023, DGV, together with MMGY NextFactor, will be reaching out to Members to participate in the process in a number of ways, including focus groups and a comprehensive DestinationNEXT Survey.  We are undertaking this important process to ensure your voices are included in the development of the plan.

For more information contact Membership at [email protected].