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Destination Greater Victoria Visitor Survey Report, December 2019

To better understand the characteristics, dynamics and complexity of overnight visitation to Greater Victoria, Destination Greater Victoria recently completed a full-year program of visitor-focused research. Rather than only interviewing visitors during the peak summer period as has previously been the case, the research was conducted each season throughout the year to provide a comprehensive picture of visitor characteristics as  well as the key aspects of their visit and their perceptions. Work commenced during late 2018 and continued through 2019. Data were collected using in-destination intercept interviews with overnight visitors in conjunction with online post-visit surveys, providing information about a wide range of trip parameters on a seasonal basis.

Tourism British Columbia, Research Services

E-mail: [email protected]

Tourism British Columbia conducts research on various aspects of the tourism industry, providing industry partners with information to enhance the effectiveness of future marketing and development projects. Regularly scheduled research publications include: The Tourism Indicators, Year in Review, Tourism Outlook, Value of Tourism, and Regional and Products profiles.

Tourism Reference and Documentation Centre (TRDC) of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)

Reference Desk E-mail: [email protected]

The Tourism Reference and Documentation Centre responds to questions on the Canadian tourism industry. The Centre's collection includes over 400 journal titles and 10,000 research documents and accesses many electronic sources of information. The Centre also provides inter-library loan services to libraries within Canada or the United States, the Weekly Tourism Highlights—released electronically every Friday—a new acquisitions list and tourism-related conference list is posted electronically.

Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)

The CTC website provides a travel information section for the consumer, including links to Government of Canada information sites; FAQs on identification, visas, travellers with disabilities, tax refunds, tobacco, alcohol and firearms transportation; and general information about Canada. The CTC also provides a section for the industry player, called the Canadian Tourism Exchange or CTX. Here you will find the TRDC searchable catalogue, a list of free available research reports (some full text online) and statistical information about domestic and international travel in Canada.

World Tourism Organization (WTO)

The WTO is the leading international organization in travel and tourism, serving as a global forum for tourism policy issues and setting international standards for tourism measurement and reporting. It provides comprehensive tourism statistics, analysis and forecasts on more than 192 countries and territories. Reports include an annual Yearbook of Tourism Statistics and Compendium of Tourism Statistics. Other interesting publications include Global Forecasts to the Year 2000 and Beyond and Tourism Market Trends (Global and Regional).

United States International Trade Administration-Tourism Industries

A core responsibility of Tourism Industries is to collect, analyze and disseminate international travel and tourism statistics for the United States. Its website highlights the most up-to-date market analysis of international visitor information for visitors to and departures from the United States on an international, national and State/Territory/City level. It also provides the most up-to-date monthly figures available on arrival and departure information to and from the US.

Canadian Tourism Research Institute (CTRI) (an affiliate of the Conference Board of Canada)

CTRI specializes in travel forecasts, travel trend analysis, technology solutions and economic impact modeling. It produces two main reports to its members free of charge. Travel Exclusive is a bi-monthly newsletter that reports the latest key trends in business and pleasure travel on a regional, national and international level, as well as relevant economic analysis. Travel Markets Outlook is CTRI's annual report on the forecast for the Canadian tourism industry, with statistics on expected travel patterns in Canada as well as inbound and outbound travel to major markets such as the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan.

BC Stats - Data Services

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BC Stats has a variety of statistics on British Columbia, ranging from Population figures to information on Small Businesses and how to do research for a business plan. It provides on-line access to the Annual Industry Monitor, which offers highlights of tourism activity each year, tourism room revenue receipts, tourism volume and revenue estimates, direct entries to Canada via BC from various geographic markets, tourism employment figures, transportation statistics, GDP, and provincial hotel occupancy and room rates data.

Travel Industry Association of America (TIA)

The Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) is a leader in US domestic travel economic and marketing research. Its research department, the US Travel Data Center, seeks to meet the needs of TIA members and the travel industry in general by gathering, conducting, analyzing, publishing and disseminating economic and marketing research which articulates the economic significance of the travel and tourism industry at national, state and local levels.

Travel and Tourism Research Association Canada (Canadian Chapter of TTRA)

A professional Canadian membership network, TTRA Canada aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of travel and tourism research, marketing and planning activities. Members can receive a quarterly newsletter, Journal of Travel Research, and are eligible to attend TTRA conferences. The site features a link to the Tourism Research Exchange, a who-can-do-what database of active Canadian tourism research suppliers and users.

Statistics Canada (StatsCan)

E-mail: [email protected]

StatsCan provides a wealth of statistics pertaining to tourism. Also available are various transportation statistics. An account executive from the regional office can help you identify your data requirements and set you up with the appropriate StatsCan product or service, including monthly subscriptions to data tables of customs entries to Canada by Americans (by length of stay and mode of transportation) and entries to each province by residents of various countries around the world, either direct or via the U.S. Special runs of the Canadian Travel Survey and International Travel Survey are also available.

Note: Data collected and reported by Tourism Victoria is a portrayal of the most relevant information on an overall basis. The degree of data relevance will vary between members and customers, as each business has its specific needs and uses for statistical information. Any use of this data must be referenced to the appropriate source.